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Seasonal Promotion

Monsoon Promotion

Monsoon is the best time to prepare for upcoming opportunities!

Make the confident choice.

Enroll now and get the following benefits –

Up to 1,400,000 Kyats Discount &
Up to 3 Months Free Course

Duration: July 2021

Bundle Promotion

Learn English together and achieve your dreams together!

Enroll together with your friends and get 

Monsoon Promotion Benefit +

100,000 MMK Cashback or 1 Month Free (Additional)

Duration: July 2021

Student Referral Program

(This offer is only for Wall Street English students)

Bring your friends to our Total English Environment! 

Let us help them achieve their English learning goals!

Referral Benefits –

100,000 MMK Cashback + 1 Month Free Course 

Referee Benefits –
Monsoon Promotion Benefits
Duration: July 2021

Course Renewal Special Offer 

(This offer is only for Wall Street English Student)

For all the course renewals in June, the following benefits will be offered – 

Up to 1,200,000 MMK Cashback 

Duration: July 2021


Promotion Terms & Conditions

Promotion Terms & Conditions

Promotion Duration – In July 2021

>No refund beyond 7 days after the first lesson.

>To enjoy free months for memberships, all monthly installment payments must be fulfilled.

>Contract not transferable.

>Course access deactivated if a payment is late for more than 7 days. No contract freeze will apply, the payment schedule will remain as planned and a reactivation fee equivalent to the membership fee will be charged to the student in order to regain access to the course.


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