Career Opportunities at Wall Street English

Wall Street English is more than just a language school. It is a place of hope, inspiration, collaboration, and support. It is a place where you can have fun at work and truly make a difference to people’s lives.

Why work for Wall Street English?

A Fun Place to Work

We believe that our staff achieve more when they enjoy their working experience. At Wall Street English we create a fun environment for both our students and staff. You can lead fun and social classes, whether it’s a cooking class, a wine tasting, and a trip to the cinema or just chatting informally with students in our English-only school. You can connect and collaborate with other staff from across the global Wall Street English network. We offer a really fun place to work and help English learners realize their dreams!

Unique Teaching

When you join Wall Street English, our method ensures that you are fully equipped to help Students reach their goals. Unlike other schools, Wall Street English students are highly motivated adults who have clear goals in mind. Students come to classes prepared and ready to learn due to our blended learning method where they can study at home and then demonstrate what they’ve learnt in the classes. Our learners are hardworking, dedicated and truly inspirational, which combined with our method, makes your job a lot easier!

Lively Center Environment

Our unique learning centers offer a fun, collaborative environment where you can work with students in a warm, open setting. We offer small classes so you can interact more and build a better relationship with your students. We also have social areas where you can interact and speak English with students in an informal environment. Our schools are buzzing with activity, there’s never a dull moment!

Advancement Opportunities

There are many opportunities for advancement at Wall Street English. You can move into center level management and even national corporate office roles. There are great opportunities for you to travel and move into other teaching positions across our global network, allowing you to travel the world while teaching English. We value our staff and therefore ensure plenty of room for advancement. One of our former teachers has worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer for Wall Street English International!

Global Organization

Wall Street English is both a local company and a global company. When you work for Wall Street English, you are part of a global organization whose mission is to change people’s future with English. Here you can network with other staff members from across the world, who can support you and offer guidance. Our global network also offers opportunities for you to transfer to a different country, fulfilling any desire you might have to explore the world. At Wall Street English, you will have a close-knit family in your local center, but you will also have an extended support network throughout the world.

Our benefits

We are committed to our employees and we are proud to offer competitive packages and benefits that really add value for our staff. Our benefits include development opportunities on both a local and global level. We really are an employer committed to you. 

Employee training

As the only ISO certified English Language Teaching School in the market, Wall Street English understands the importance of providing consistent quality learning content and delivery to its staff. Our carefully designed SOPs provide the same level of excellence in our training content to staff across the globe. Our solid career development paths and employee follow-up mean you will be supported every step of the way to grow and excel throughout your career with us.

Professional development

How many careers today involve a multicultural environment and communication, time management, organization, training, and presentation skills? Teaching English abroad with Wall Street English incorporates and develops all of these transferable skills. Learning is at the heart of our organization and on-going professional development is part of our company culture. Seminars and classroom observations provide forums where teachers can meet like-minded colleagues and develop their teaching techniques. With a promote-from-within policy, our Managers are dedicated to mentoring teachers’ potential and encouraging progression into management positions.

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Wall Street English offers you job security and the opportunity to experience 30 different countries and cultures while teaching English. Living and working at WSE provides you with the opportunity to learn languages, develop cross-cultural skills, and gain a global perspective.

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